marți, 30 august 2016

South London Agency - an interesting experience

In a certain day I had to prepare for visits at all the real estate agencies in the West of London due to the fact that our catalogues is listing those companies and this is why they are getting a lot of clients.

So by doing our usual districts tours we were searching in fact for new opportunities, for new buildings that are in construction and maybe this way we would find the needed new customers, but without too much luck.

But what I liked about this "fishing" expeditions that were never or almost never brought us new clients was the fact that I was out of that blasted office, out of the cubicals and from the crowded offide that has that awful furniture and all those pupils that are constantly speacking on their phones unless they don't have some headphones over their ears.

So yes - I was really enjoying my day when we made a huge mistake and instead of entering a construction site we arrived in the middle of a  South London escort Agency - and as the luck smiled us we encountered the big boss of the company, that looked at us astonished, as we were also astonished.

And we don't actually knew what to to since that guy was our boss and we should work and not wisiting those kind of place during work times - so we actually got scared and run, run as fast as we could back at the office.

Finally the guy fired us - and it was funny as we did not to anything wrong...